Thank You Cards (Behavioral Modification Tactic)

Toolbox - Thank You Cards

“A person’s greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated”

-     H. Jackson Brown


One of the quickest ways a person recognizes that they’ve increased social capital within their tribe is through the gratitude and recognition by members of it.

Have you ever had someone in your sphere of influence thank you for helping them in some way, shape or form? How did it feel?

For anyone that’s been in the sales and service industry, you’ve likely been taught the value that a physical thank you card can have on a relationship. Well, this tool takes it to the next level.

Imagine you’ve just completed the purchase of a new house and you have a co-worker tell you that he and his family are thinking about purchasing one in the near future. Your realtor has obviously graduated from R.A.M.P. and as a result just provided the best experience you’ve ever had, so you ask if he’d be open to you introducing them to your amazing realtor. He says yes, you set up the introduction, he has the first meeting, loves your realtor, tells you about how much they’re enjoying the experience & then you find out they’ve gone into contract on their 1st home. A few days later you receive a thank you card in the mail from your realtor, but the card inside has been written by your co-worker and his family. The card is thanking you for having had the courage to introduce them and that they attribute the amazing experience they just had to you for having made it all happen. How would you feel? Would you refer this realtor again? Again, and again?

You should always have a stack of very nice thank you cards near your desk that you can use for your personal thank you cards as well as for your clients from their referral source.

As part of your on-boarding process, and typically toward the beginning of your on-boarding meeting you should ask your clients to write a thank you card to the person that referred them if they were introduced to you. For example:

“Hey Susan, I’m so grateful that I’ve been able to help you to this point and I’m especially excited for what’s to come. I’m also aware that this wouldn’t have happened without Mollie introducing us. I always ask my new clients to write a quick thank you card to the person who introduced them and then I mail it on your behalf. Before we get too much farther into the meeting, would you be willing to write a quick 2-3 sentence thank you to Mollie?”

Not only will receiving this thank you card be a huge positive reinforcement opportunity for the referral source, it also doubles as a supraliminal referral request to the new client as they’re subconsciously wondering, even wanting the same for them when they refer you down the road. It’s also extremely effective for setting their R.A.S. along with the Official Referral Conversation.

Pro Tip:

If you aren’t meeting the client in person, you should be doing it face to face via Zoom or some other video conferencing software & you can ask them to send you an email or text with 2-4 sentences thanking the referral source so you can print it out, make it look pretty and mail it on their behalf. You can even take 2 minutes on the call and have them dictate it to you on the spot.


You may have even noticed by this point that I did this with you using an online form.

There’s no right way to do this. The important thing is that they get a thank you card from the person they referred. If you do this consistently, you’ll have a much higher percentage of engaged clients and raving fans than the average sales professionals and drastically increase your referrability.